SOMPLAST Plastik Dış Tic. ve San. Ltd. Şti.

SOMTEKS Marketing and Trading Company is one of the oldest representation company in Turkey, and it was founded by Orhan Torfilli in 1979. Currently Ahmet Torfilli managing the business. SOMPLAST Plastic was founded by Ahmet Torfilli in 2008 as a group company afterwards used his experience in the plastic and food industries. Now the company is represents globally well known machinery manufacturers in Turkey.

In the plastics industry; Our company distribute Metal Separator Systems, X-Ray Detectors, Magnet Systems, Plastic Recycling Systems, Robot and Automation Systems, Blow Film Machines, Rubber Injection Machines, Plastic Injection Machines and Pet-Foil Packaging Machines. In addition, our company distribute Food Separation Systems and Metal Separators, Magnets and X-Ray Detectors in the Food industry as well.