Recycling Sorting Systems

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    Multi-sensor sorting system for Plastics Recycling

    Universal system for plastics recycling
    Effective contamination detection and separation
    Sorting by material type and colour
    Customised solutions

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    Conveyor Belt Sorting System for the glass recycling industry

    Quality improvement in fine, hollow and flat glass recycling
    Color separation and sorting
    Separation of ceran impurities
    CSP separation


    Sorting System for the glass recycling industry

    Gravity fall detection for dry and wet material
    Colour separation and sorting
    CSP separation
    Separation of special glass
    Separation of plastic contaminants


    Multi-Sensor Sorting Systems for the Recycling Industry

    Applicable to solid waste, plastics, wood, metal, and electronic waste recycling
    Consistent and effective detection and separation
    Modular design facilitates customer and…


    Multi-Sensor Sorting System for the Recycling Industry

    Universal application in plastics, metal, and electronic waste recycling
    Effective detection and separation
    Guaranteed end product purity
    Modular design for flexible customer…